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2014 Prophecies of Dr. DK Olukoya Of “Mountain of Fire & Miracles Ministries International”. --- Dr. Olukoya Tagged The Year The Passover Year With Reference To Exodus 12:21, Wherein Promises Would Be Fulfilled, He Also Drew A Nexus Between The Number 14 And The Passover, Going To The Prophecies, He Said.

1. This year is going to be one of great revival

2. It is going to be a year of many questions but very few answers

3. There is going to be deliverance this year from afflictions and bondages

4. A year of monumental failure for those who trust in the occult

5. A year of harvest of babies

6. A year of wonders and mysteries

7. A year wherein strange hands shall compete for flags and damage it(to be forestalled by prayer)

8. He said something about violent storms

9. A year of deliverance for many, as the Passover signified an halt to the Israelites bondage.

10. Opposition against the righteous this year shall become powerless.

11. A year of heavy angelic visitation.

12. A year for prophetic dreamers (take cognisance of your dreams this year)

13. A year when God will raise up women who are prophetic voices for the country

14. A year when many companies shall go bankrupt (to be forestalled by prayer)

15. A year of earthquakes and famine.

16. A tough year for political leaders who are not standing straight.

17. Traders shall be chased out of Gods temple this year

18. A year of marine madness (had to have these shortened, there are 12 more)


Seven Necessities For This Year: -

   1. Divine presence,

   2. Divine power,

   3. Divine protection,

   4. Divine provision,

   5. Divine purpose,

   6. Divine positioning

   7. Divine promotion,


In conclusion he emphasised the need for the pleading of the blood of Jesus this year also drawing a nexus with the Israelites Passover.



[Exodus 12:13; Obadiah 1:17; Luke 4:18]