1. 1. A year when bondage is repackaged and reloaded
  2. 2. A year where the pestle will defeat the mortar
  3. 3. A year of spiritual counter-attack
  4. 4. A year when there will be terrible attacks on marriages
  5. 5. A year of wild and merciless attack by very strange infirmities
  6. 6. A year when spiritual weaknesses will be a tragedy
  7. 7. A year of fight or perish
  8. 8. A year of deliverance from long term bondage
  9. 9. A year of demostration of the raw power of God
  10. 10. A year when God will kill rebellious kings and leaders
  11. 11. A year when many this year, if they will listen to advice given out, will overcome their generational bondages
  12. 12. A tragic year for those with Absalom spirit
  13. 13. A year of the disgrace of the strongman of terror and fear
  14. 14. A year when the wrath from Heaven will rise to the brim against shamelessness and sexually perverse nations and leaders
  15. 15. A year when many who will live a holy life will be empowered this year to rewrite their family history
  16. 16. A tragic year for Ahitophel and Gehazi ministers
  17. 17. A year when plenty of yokes of barrenness will be broken
  18. 18. A year when the wasting powers, already planted into the lives of young people, manifest this year if they don't change
  19. 19. A very rough year for modern day Jonahs
  20. 20. A year of double left leg and a year where the animal will pursue the hunter
  21. 21. A year that you can call the wind-blowing year. A year of madness of the wind
  22. 22. A year of masquerading captivity
  23. 23. A year when regular practice of personal delivernace will yield dividends
  24. 24. A year when laziness in prayer will cause harvoc
  25. 25. A year of stings from strange insects
  26. 26. A year where God will stretch his rod of judgement againt nations who are against God
  27. 27. A year where the acidic rage of generational bondages will fully manifest due to the wrong teachings they are teaching the young ones
  28. 28. A year when God will raise up uncompromising agents of redemption and deliverance
  29. 29. A year of massive disgrace of all forms of disloyalty
  30. 30. A year when terror will swallow terror and vomit poison
  31. 31. A year when serious prayers will be needed aganist the rage of scientific witchcraft
  32. 32. A very rough year to those giving to alcohol. Stop drinking if you are drinking.
  33. 33. A year of the TEN Rs: Revelation, revolutions, restorations, renewal, revival, rightousness, recovery, reorientation, refreshment and remembrance
  34. 34. A year where you must learn to cast your net on the right hand side, so you can catch the right fish
  35. 35. A year of great fall for those engaged in practise and cover-up of corruption
  36. 36. A year of manifestation of divine suddenlies, both for blessings and judgement
  37. 37. A year of strange changes and shifts, both physical and spiritual
  38. 38. Unless we pray really hard, the global economy downturn, terror attacks, political turmoil, environmental catastrophe will continue
  39. 39. A year where God will raise up some radical prophetesses who will set many places ablaze for God
  40. 40. A year where there is a rage of emptiers and wasters for the rebellious particularly the youth
  41. 41. A year of horrible disgrace for those who deal with hard drugs and live a carefree life
  42. 42. A year that those who bank with God shall reap great dividends on every side
  43. 43. A year when discernment is highly essential. A year where personal spiritual development is not a luxury, but a necessity.
  44. 44. A year of political confusion and personalities working against the peace of this nation shall fight and destroy themselves



  1. 1. We need to get ourselves keyed into what the bible calls the fruit of the spirit (Love, Joy, Peace, Longsuffering, Gentleness, Goodness, Faith, Meekness, Temperance). These fruits of the spirit are needed for divine acceleration and for breakthrough this year
  2. 2. Obedience
  3. 3. Faith
  4. 4. A right heart
  5. 5. Worship and prayer
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The Bible says in "Obadiah 1:17"
    “But upon Mount Zion shall be [deliverance], and there shall be holiness; and the house  of   
     Jacob shall possess their possession.”
1. What is Deliverance?
2. Do I need Deliverance?
3. MFM Deliverance Programmes
•It is to close the doors opened to the enemy
•It is to damage the works of Satan in your life
•It is to undo heavy burdens
•It is to break evil yokes
•It is to possess one’s possession
•It is to escape from every satanic prison
•It is to capture back what the enemy has stolen
•It is to be victorious in your dreams at all times
•It is to serve quit notice on every infirmity
•It is to kill every satanic embargo
•It is to break every evil covenant
•It is to destroy the chains of darkness
•It is to break curses and spells
•It is to hunt down and destroy destructive habits
•It is to send back evil arrows to the senders
•It is finding your place in the market square of life
•It is the destruction of satanic dreams
•It is release from the altars of affliction
•It is release from witchcraft cages
•It is correct positioning
•It is to break the chain of poverty
You need deliverance:
•if you were conceived in adultery or fornication
•if your parents contemplated aborting you
•if you were abused as a child
•if you have been raped or molested
•if your mother had a difficult pregnancy
•if you almost died during the first few years of life
•if you had imaginary playmates in childhood
•if you have been chronically ill all your life
•if you grew up in a war zone
•if you have been ridiculed all your life
•if you have a history of sexual perversion in your bloodline (adultery, rape, incest, etc)
•if you have been accident-prone all your life
•if you have a history of poverty in your life and/or in your family
•if you have engaged in a lifestyle of cheating, robbing and theft
•if you are afraid of being alone
•if you are extremely uncomfortable around people
•if you are intensely jealous of others
•if you were involved with the occult
•if you are attracted to, or have consulted palm readers, satanic advisors and psychics
•if you have been involved with abortion
•if you have chronic headaches or mental confusion
•if you have a difficult time reading the Bible or praying
•if you are afraid of trusting people or getting close to people
•if instead of going forward, you are moving backward
•if you have inexplicable loss of memory
•if you should be a winner but you are failing
•if your inputs and efforts fail to get success
•if you are being governed by a power contrary to your will
•if you were formerly rich but suddenly turned poor
•if your trials have refused to come to an end
•if you have unnatural movements in parts of your body
•if you find it difficult to get baptized in the Holy Ghost
•If you encounter chain problems
•if you are constantly duped
•if you have horrible experiences in your dreams
•if you have participated in a non-Christian religion
•if you have a sick tongue
•if you have emotional disturbances
•if you suffer from restlessness
•if you hear strange voices
•if you have unholy fear
•if you are operating under evil covenants and curses
•if you suffer from unexplainable family breakdowns
•if you are engaged in profitless hard work
•if you observed that you have inherited problems
•if you observed that you are bound by sin or Satan
•if you are constantly harassed by evil spirits
•if you have an evil trend of problems in your family
If as per the information above, you have observed that you might require deliverance, we are pleased to inform you that the Mountain of Fire & Miracles Ministries; Watford – UK  holds deliverance sessions monthly.
The Sessions are held, on last Friday, Saturday and Sunday of each month:
     Day 1: Friday Morning From 9am –12pm & Friday Night from 11pm – 3am
     Day 2: Saturday Morning From 10am to 1pm; & Saturday Night from 9pm to 12Mid Night
     Day 3: Early Sunday Morning Before Service, 8am  or After Service, 12:30pm
Come and be blessed.
For more information, Contact us on: 07939432416